Gigi story has been published in July issue of Healing Our World magazine. 


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Gigi reversed her colon cancer by nourishing her body with Organic Raw living foods. In 2015 Gigi was diagnosed
with colon cancer.. Gigi decided not to have surgery but to go on a journey of self love and spiritual healing.

Gigi’s reason for not wanting to follow her doctor’s recommendations was because many people who was diagnosed
with breast, cervical, uterine and ovarian cancers had done chemotherapy, radiation and surgery only to have cancers
return with a vengeance and to lose their lives. Gigi knew that poisoning her body in the name of healing did not work
and she was determined to find a different and natural way to support her body to do
what it was created to do – heal itself

Gigi nourished her body with all Organic, Vegan, Raw and Living Foods, detoxified and cleansed her colon, lymphatic
system and blood; cleared out and healed emotional stuff she had buried inside, and in six months she was completely

Now her mission is to help educate her community through her message that food is medicine.