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 Hey parents you're wanting to transition your children into going vegan for your family health, for the animals and  to save the planet?   There's lots of super healthy vegan options on the market for your children.  

Going vegan means that you don’t eat or drink anything made from animals, like meat, fish, cheese, milk, eggs, and even honey. All of these foods and drinks hurt animals—but don’t worry, there is meat -free and dairy-free versions of all your favorite foods that you can eat instead!


Try some yummy vegan "non dairy" alternatives for smoothies! Smoothies made with nut or pea milk!

Make vegan versions of your kids favorite pizza. Just hold the meat and cheese, please!

Getting kids to eat healthy really isn't as hard as people make it seem; just make healthy foods taste good (and make good things a little healthier)! Here are some healthy snacks that kids, vegan or not, will love:  Kale Chips, Vegan Pizza and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies,

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