Detox/Cleanse  Mind, Body and Soul! 

Cleansing/Detoxing is a process that gives your cells the best chance of functioning smoothly. It keeps you alive, fit and young. Detoxing becomes necessary because of the buildup of toxic waste in our bodies over time food, medicine, vitamins, environmental pollutants, the use of chemical-based household cleaners and personal hair care products..

Just as we periodically need to cleanse our external life by cleaning out rooms, sorting through the piles on our desk, clarifying our personal priorities, tuning up our cars, revitalizing our personal space, the body needs a cleansing through detoxification as a resting and healing process for our overloaded digestive organs. In both cases, the end result is an increase in energy, weight loss, decrease in joint pain, decrease in bloating, glowing skin, mental clarity and conquering the potential of disease. 

Equipment needed to compleate the Cleanses/Detox: A "masticating" Juicer (recommend) however, we can work with what you currently have.  

Total investment of: $135.00  (Special) includes 

  • Training Class w/ Manual
  •  Daily Menu Meal Plan
  • Daily Support Coaching Support Through via Emails, Text 

     Messages and live videos

  • Detox Kit
  • Detox Tea and Colon Tea
  • Daily Journal


Transform your life in Just 21 days. Invest in your health! Limited seating! 

Over the course of the 21 day program, the transformation literally occurs before one’s eyes, as the body begins to experience recovery to wholeness


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  • Cost per person: Program is $135 and includes a training manual, daily meal menu, 24 hour daily coaching support & a detox cleanse kit. Attendees receive their own personal, insulated Terra bag to hold their detox kit. Gigi will be sampling some delicious, nutritious salad greens & some fresh-pressed, organic green juice during class. Please bring payment in the form of cash or check to class or you may pay online now