21 Day Transformational Detox Program

A Healthy Vegan Lifestyle

Living a Vegan"living foods" lifestyle changes you mentally as well as physically.  You become more conscious of your environment in which you live, what you eat, what you wear and what to clean your house and your body with.

When we clear out the old programming that has been running our dining choices and start to eat from a congruent place, a place called love – it feels so good. The sensation of feeling light on your feet comes from this place. Radiant health, vibrant energy, clear eyes, and skin, they come from this place as do clear arteries, normal blood sugar and the disappearance of inflammatory disease symptoms.

It is the lining up with our own integrity that creates this magic. It is the congruence between our values and the way we show up in the world. Everything good comes from this place of connection to our authentic selves.  


I know that plants are the most powerful fuel for the human body but more importantly my experience shows me that knowing who you are and acting in a way that truly reflects your essence, that is the place that radiance come from.

Everyone has a doctor in them, and you are your own doctor -----Gigi 

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