The V-Code
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Over 59 Colorful & Delicious Vegan Recipes!

Meet Gigi


Gigi Jones is a food activist in Kansas City, MO, who advocates for social and environmental justice as it relates to her Community.   


Her work ranges from vegan cooking demonstrations to lectures on allowing food to be your medicine. 


 She also hosts a monthly vegan support group, organizes an annual Vegan Culture & Food Festival, manages community gardens in an economically depressed neighborhood, and is a founding member of a KC Health Initiative, which is a non- profit that brings affordable vegan food to low-income communities in the Kansas City area.

She is the Author of the cookbook “The V-Code”, A Certified Raw Food Chef, Health Educator, Dietician, Nutritionist, and owner of Gigi’s Vegan and Wellness Cafe’. 

 Gigi is also the founder of the Midwest Soul Vegfest, which is an Annual Health Educational and Plant-Based Vegan event, that promotes health and wellness.    

Her mission is to help educate her community with a focus on the well-being of children and of the importance of a healthier lifestyle.

 Her belief is that living a plant-based lifestyle will not only improve health, but also provide the foundation needed for a longer, more energized lifespan in a cruelty free world.  

Gigi’s motto is: “Saving Lives One Plant at a Time”

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